Mar 2018   : Thermodynamic Services is using another Defour Analytics Services

Dec 2017   : Leading Thermodynamic Services Co., Kanpur is now using Defour Analytics Services. 

Dec 2017   : Defour extended its arms in Indore in association with 6 degrees

Nov 2017   : SKF to scale up their business with Defour's Analyics Services by using Smart Web-Based Dashboard of Bearing Predictive Maintenance Report  for Client & SKF

Oct 2017    : Ramlex is using Defour's business analytics services in Financial Prediction.

Sept 2017  : Neologic using Defour's PLC Data Acquisition & integration for data over SQL server to do the further analysis.

Aug 2017   : HR Analytics solution to client Anand Techno

Jul 2017     : Defour is in partnership with Scholars University

Jul 2017     : Defour is in Technological Partnership with Team Computers

Jun 2017    : Defour extended its arms in UAE in association with Techprudentia

May 2017   :  Defour extended its arms in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai in association with Universal Tutorial

May 2017   : Defour in association with I-Energy hosted a 2 days Data Science workshop in New Delhi. 

Mar 2017    : Defour in association with MCCIA started digital Journey towards People Empowerment in the field of “Data Science” through creating awreness about “Benefits through Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Operational Excellence” and hoe it is beneficial to Manufacturing, Automotive, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, E-commerce, Supply Chain, Food Processing I ndustries.