About Defour Analytics


To Drive Digital transformation and Become a leader in Operational Advanced Analytics


  • Building an analytics ecosystem integrating industry domain knowledge and data science for solving complex decision-making riddles intelligently and sustainably.
  • Developing people to appreciate the strength of analytics, enabling them to become smarter in analysis and migrating to a data-driven decision-making culture.
  • Building case-specific algorithms for Asset Performance prediction, life expectancy determination, early warning & failure diagnostic and Prescriptive analytics.
  • Value-driven culture for managing efficiency, productivity, and reliability with On-time and Just in Time actionable Insights.

Value Proposition


What Defour Do?

Defour Analytics is Analytics Training, Consulting and Solution company, established with the vision to Build Analytics Ecosystem by empowering people in the field of Data Science through Real Industry Use Case Led Business Analytics Supervised Training.

Today data is being generated in almost every aspect of our lives, in all processes and in all industries. Real Challenge is to extract meaningful information from this data for decision making.

Defour believes, data has a lot to say but we need to train our eyes to interpret it, analytically driven decisions have the power to transform businesses. But data needs appropriate transformation to simplify discovery. Interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data are called Analytics. Interestingly, the right time for a decision is a mystery which is wrapped in our conscious experience of things. The quantitative behavior of time, which is often considered as the fourth dimension, plays a key role in the decision science around physical laws and theories. Defour efforts to deliver the right decision at the right time makes the context of reactive decision-making a history through new venture on fourth dimension analytics as “Defour Analytics”.

In this context Defour helping their customers to make analytics a cornerstone of corporate strategy, providing its customers with actionable insights from data which can help to provide substantial cost advantages, faster, better decision making, services improvements and help in providing inputs to new products. Defour excels at providing evidence-based and data-driven support in decision making to their customers, by integrating data regardless of size and structure. Defour identifies recurring patterns, builds metrics and implements integrated analytics systems that provide value, optimization and cost advantages. Defour has a skilled team of professionals and domain experts who deliver strategically designed and efficient solutions to meet your business goals.

Service Approach


Core Values & Code of Ethics

Defour adheres to the highest standards of conduct in managing the business and serving clients, employees, and shareholders. Defour’s commitment to customers, employees, shareholders, and society is to act with integrity at all times. This guides everything they do—the way they serve to clients is to help them build better businesses.

Defour’s core values based on below six pillars

  • Transparency
  • Passion for Pattern
  • People Empowerment
  • Customer Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity


Work Culture

Defour at its core has a fun, young, dynamic team committed to delivering the best possible learning experience in analytics. Defour has a highly energetic environment that seeks self-starters who can add value to the company. If you are looking to be a part of a fast-paced and innovative team, then we have the opportunity for you!

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