Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industry players can shift their focus from traditional monitoring processes to a more agile and real time analysis to improve reliability

The oil and gas industry is an asset-intensive business with capital assets ranging from drilling rigs, offshore platforms and wells in the upstream segment, to pipelines, LNG terminals, and refineries in the midstream and downstream segments. These assets are costly to design, build, operate and maintain, also asset life-cycle costs are an important metric for the industry.



  • Predicting a failure for proactive actions
  • Maintaining optimized inventory
  • Proactive Quality control
  • Risk assessment and monitoring
  • Cost optimization on a long-term perspective
  • Minimizing cost of exploration
  • Optimized planning covering all dimensions


  • By analyzing the industrial data, sensor data and warnings to come out with pattern which requires a predictive analytics solution to get real-time insights of equipment health
  • Pattern assess' the risk and potential consequences associated with each monitored asset
  • This can be used to better prioritize capital and operational expenditures. As a result, the planning for maintenance and the operation of equipment is more reliable, safe and avoids failure
  • Increasing asset utilization through the optimization of asset-oriented business processes and by the proactive intervention in operations