Power & Utilities

Driving Performance through Power Insights

In this complex and fast-changing environment, power utility leaders need to take timely and accurate decisions to consistently enhance operational efficiency, optimize costs and add new capacity while operating in a safe & environment friendly manner.


Challenges arising from-

  • Fuel Shortage
  • Rising Fuel Prices
  • Ageing Workforce
  • Ageing Assets
  • Environmental & Climate-Based Regulations
  • Stringent Tariff Regulations and Ambitious Capacity Addition Targets
  • Driving Performance through Power Insights


  • This requires fast and precise insights from data for informed decision making.
  • Drawing scattered data from various transactional and real-time process control systems (PLC/DCS/SCADA) into a data warehouse and coupling it with the right tools
  • Defour analytics solution enables better and faster decisions by revealing patterns, trends, relationships and, most importantly hidden opportunities for improvement.
  • Thereby, ensures that your power plants can perform at optimum efficiency in a sustainable manner by leveraging the instant information and intelligent analytics provided by the system.