Managing asset health and forecast supply and demand with renewable energy analytics



  • Cost of energy produce (COEP) and maintaining plants for life span
  • Renewable projects are remotely located and widely spread in Geographies.
  • Most of the plants are SACDA connected and retrieving knowledge from these data for informed decision making for improving the availability, reliability and stopping sudden failure is crucial.
  • So along with monitoring equipment health and performance, revealing knowledge from rich data set is a key step for future.
  • Managing asset health and forecast supply and demand




  • Defour participates in the corporate strategy of maintenance ? from Reactive to predictive and to condition based maintenance.
  • Our Analytics team closely works together with the industry people by analyzing the industrial data/ sensor data and warnings to come out with pattern which requires a predictive analytics solution to get real-time insights.
  • Pattern assesses the risk and potential consequences associated with each monitored asset so as to avoid failure.
  • Result of this can be seen in improving reliability and availability, optimizing maintenance strategy and increasing annual energy production.