Build analytics ability to predict equipment failure to keep plants running safely and efficiently

As chemical companies shift focus to application markets rather than product push, there is an opportunity to leverage Big Data and advanced analytics to make better demand forecasts and pricing decisions.

By utilizing Big Data, an organization can take data from multiple sources, harness relevant data and analyse it to reduce costs, improve margins, utilize assets, generate revenue, develop new products and optimized offerings, and make smarter business decisions.


Acquiring data is not hard, but finding a way to transform the data into use able information to Predict equipment failure to keep plants running safely and efficiently.


  • Analytics in chemical industry is used to detect product defects, boost quality and improve supply planning.
  • The ability to solve previously unsolvable problems and make better operational decisions in real time and use these insights to empower frontline decisions is a powerful combination.
  • The chemical manufacturing industry can use analytics to address existing challenges and at the same time create new business opportunities.