Complaint Management

Customer complaint management system is an online system where customers can log their complaints enabling them to see the resolution of their complaints.

Importance of handling customer complaint

Complaints and complaint trends tell the business how to do its job better by alerting management to problems that need prompt attention and correction.

  • Are there opportunities for product improvements or better-quality control?
  • Are there indications of safety defects that should be reported and corrected, or that justify a recall?
  • Are user's manuals clear, complete, and easy-to-read?
  • Would changing warranty coverage reduce complaints?

A well-planned system for screening and recording complaint data can provide business owners and managers answers to such important questions.


Challenges in managing customer complaint

  • Inflexible, Outdated Systems
  • Fragmented and Insufficient Information. 
  • Lack of Analytics


Defour’s Analytical Solution

Defour with the use of a powerful statistical tool and analytical algorithm developed complaint management that tracks case processing history, allow real-time process visibility.

What are the probabilities that the closure time of the complaints logged is going to get violated (complaint not going to close in time)? Based on closure time is the performance good or bad?

Following the type of questions are answered through such analysis:

  • Which are the area’s where the chances of call getting violated more?
  • From the probabilities calculated we can suggest providing dates to the clients in such a way that the complaint gets resolved in time.
  • We can also suggest increasing the workforce in the complaint area where chances of complaint not getting resolved in time are more.
  • Studying the history and trend about the product’s complaint and usability warranty/guarantee can be provided accordingly.

Defour provides a wide range of solutions through predictive and prescriptive modeling so that the customers have enriched the experience with their vendors by constant thus maximizing the ROI by retaining the customers.